Got my bridges on

The Commanda bridge connection from Ottawa to Gatineau is closed much of this week (the bridge is still open from the Ottawa side) so I took the LRT with my bike and rode the long way home from NU yesterday to get my bridges on. It was a beautiful ride and I’m struck again by how beautiful this city is.

I wanted to pop in to the Market for my Sunday paper, and used the secret elevator to which someone pointed on social media. Coming from the south end along the Canal path on the Col. By side, there’s a snazzy new connecting contra-flow from Daly to Rideau that feeds into the Mackenzie contra-flow. It avoids the Rideau Sussex intersection, but the grade difference between Mackenzie and Sussex means there’s no easy connection into the Market from Rideau to St. Patrick. The elevator connection solves that. It’s a tight fit for even my normal-size bike,  but it was fast and easy and did the trick. 

The hoarding has come off the new Pidàban bridge connecting Major’s Hill Park to Kìwekì Point and it’s looking good!