It was a glorious long weekend in Ottawa with temperatures under often cloudless skies in the high 20s. Last year when Natalie got her e-assist we started riding around the city. Any given neighbourhood here may not be well-served with cycling infrastructure, but inter-neighbourhood connections are amazing. One of the most picturesque is the ride to Beachconers in Britannia – a fairly quick half-hour cycle along the Kichi Zībī (Ottawa) River, which during summer weekends is opened up for active transportation.

Beachconers is a whole scene. It’s at the intersection of Howe and Britannia, but more importantly is where the Ottawa River Pathway makes a quick deke to adjoin this largely residential neighbourhood. Somehow the corner has been allowed to develop as a local commercial hub. There’s an e-bike store, bakery and – most well-known – the Beachconers ice cream joint and coffee shop. Several thousands cyclists likely ride by during fair weather weekends, and the place is busy. Their parking lot is taken over by bikes and they’ve set out as many tables and Muskoka chairs as they can.

The Instagram wall is a nice touch. If you’re ever in Ottawa maybe renting a bike to tour the hot spots away from downtown, this one is a must.