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First NU Grocery run of the NU year

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NU year NU Grocery run

While it’s obviously not good that temps are so warm and there’s no snow in early January in Ottawa, it made for an easy first ride in 2024. Editing this one took hours as I took the time to feature looks around with the 360 camera – and I still didn’t get the map telemetry synced properly to the video! It was great to see @deathbydenim out also making a NU Grocery run from our neighbourhood. Almost every time I’m in the store I see someone from Hintonburg – we still miss them. I also caught one of the electric buses again on Main Street. I still get giddy when I see those on the streets; it won’t be long until much of our fleet is electric. When those are more broadly rolled out, many of our main arteries will be significantly quieter.

My intention was to rack-and-roll back to Hintonburg for a direct connection from the store and closer to my little library stop, but I missed the bus by just a minute, alas.

Watch the ride video here.