Rack and roll on a hot, rainy, muggy day

It was an enjoyable ride to the Hunt Club – Riverside Park Community Centre today for a work event today. It’s over 10 kms from my office and the forecast was showing significant rain, so I opted to rack and roll for much of the way. It was a quick cycle to Hurdman station a couple of kilometres from City Hall where I had to wait about six minutes for the 97. I racked the bike, and the trip was very fast to the south end. 

I was uncertain as to whether the Juno Beach pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Airport Parkway was accessible from the South Keys station, but it was a fast and easy connection that brought me into the relatively calm streets near my destination. All in all, counting a phone call I had to take as I got off the bus, it took me from 11:47 to roughly 12:32 to travel the route.

If I take the 43 minute estimate from Google Maps at face value, it took roughly the same time to make the trip combining bus and bike as it would have just taking the bike, but on a very muggy day I was glad to shave quite a few kilometres off my pedalling. The rain came later in the day once I was finally home, and I had a change of clothes, but it was still nice to have some effort-free distance.