The joy of a quick transfer

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Natalie and I moved into our house about 25 years ago when we didn’t have a car. Before that, we lived in an apartment a few blocks away for about three years. Neither of us had ever lived in this area before, but the transit and walkable shopping made it a no-brainer. It’s really only gotten better since. Tunney’s Pasture has become a more intense transit hub with routes stretching out into the rest of the city, including LRT, and there’s always a bus passing near to our house on its way to or from there.

The GPS track right is actually the time it took me to take two different buses home – so with a transfer. Even missing about 30 seconds at the start before I could get the track started, the 10-minute trip was seamless and fast. This was a 24-minute walk on the weekend when I did it. Peak hour would have been slower in traffic, but off-peak, why wouldn’t you choose transit even to move around the neighbourhood if buses are arriving regularly and booking it down the arterials? Beats walking.