Scooting heavy

I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of adding telemetry to my 360 scooter videos. I’ll probably start moving it to be a little more head’s-up as a display rather than having to “look” down, but I like the configuration I’ve got here.

Friday’s scoot-to-work is becoming a bit of a habit. I have a desktop computer optimized for video that I use in the office that I bring home on weekends in order to work on a weekly project for the office. It’s actually pretty portable, but it’s heavy. I never know what Monday is going to bring, but it’s often cold and wind these days. At the start of the week I can be loaded down with stuff and dread the cycle in if I’m riding heavy against a strong easterly. The scooter takes the work out of it, and I’ve always got the option to take transit if riding or scooting seem too much of a grind.