Blocking the bike lanes – DGAF

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I’ve lost track of how many winter seasons I’ve been biking, but it’s seven or eight? It was pretty lonely out there a few years ago, but cyclists are far from rare out there year-round today. My perception is that after a pretty good summer and fall the bike lane blocking is getting worse than even a few years ago. I know there’s fewer cyclists on our main routes than during balmier months, but I don’t think any reasonable person would think that the bike lanes aren’t being used if they’re driving with any regularity. Last night the driver in the Porsche was at least apologetic, but these two just didn’t care. C’mon guys – no coffee delivery is worth forcing a cyclist into a fast and busy roadway.

Today’s ride was a little chilly against the headwind, but I’m looking forward to heading home with a tailwind ahead of an anticipated storm. Watch the full ride video here.