Scooter as transit replacement


 TotalPre-scooterScooter seasonDifference
All trips w/ bike32.7%39.0%28.3%-27%
All trips w/transit26.5%36.4%16.8%-54%
All trips w/scooter17.9%0.0%33.0% 
Walking (single mode)20.9%21.9%20.4%-7%
Private vehicle8.2%9.6%7.2%-26%
Average private vehicle occupancy1.831.911.75-8%

It’s only been a little over five months of tracking but on the occasion of crossing 500 trips since January 1 I succumbed to the temptation to do a quick look at how my mode share has changed since getting my scooter on the road on March 27. 

When I started tracking trips I wasn’t sure if the scooter would replace bike trips, transit trips or both. It looks like it’s both, but mostly transit trips. All trips involving transit since my scooter came out have fallen by over half. This table is actually off but not by much – around 1% of my total trips aren’t accounted for but I’m very confident in the general direction it’s showing. I’ll do something more rigorous in a future post.

Most of my scooter trips are single-mode. All trips on my scooter account for one-third of my total trips, compared to 29% that are single-mode. I’ll have to do some analysis at some point on distance. What I think I’m seeing here is that a trip like I took today to Westboro to visit the bookstore by scooter (2.2 kms each way) was something I’d do by bus during the winter. Trips like that, I think, are now almost entirely by scooter.