Premium video drop!

I’ve got a couple of premium videos to catch up my content.

On Monday I had to get to a meeting at the RA Centre, one of the city’s big recreation complexes. I hemmed and hawed in light of the weather, but the opportunity to ride this route is always compelling. From Sherwood I connected to Dow’s Lake and took the Arboretum path to Hartwell Locks where I crossed over. I’ve got a lifelong fascination with the Rideau Canal and always enjoy crossing the big wood locks. From there I took the east side of the Canal to Hog’s Back where I doubled back to join the Rideau River pathway on the south shore. Partway through this video you’ll see the new pedestrian/cycling bridge that should be open in a few weeks: that will cut out a couple of kilometers while still facilitating a mostly segregated, safe ride. This is one of Ottawa’s most scenic urban rides through some beautiful treed parkland and historical sites. I got absolutely soaked in a pretty torrential downpour that lasted probably 10 minutes, but it was worth it.

This morning it just seemed easiest to scoot to work since I was bringing my desktop back to the office. I’ve posted the ride in 360 to YouTube in real-time and with no telemetry. I was pretty patient for most of the scoot, but there came a point where I pivoted into riding like a cyclist to get around some congestion. I think Natalie and I will ride out to the touch-a-city-truck event at the ballpark on Sunday to make up the miles I didn’t ride to work this week.